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PRESS RELEASE: Ebony Anglers, To Compete in Fishing Tournament Supporting Childhood Cancer

Morehead City, NC – The Ebony Anglers, an all-black female sport fishing team, is set to compete in the upcoming tournament to support childhood cancer called Reelin’ for Research. The tournament is being held on May 6, 2023, and the team is eager to take part in this important event.

The Ebony Anglers are a group of passionate and skilled anglers who are dedicated to promoting and encouraging more women of color to participate in the sport fishing industry. They have participated in various tournaments and events, and they are committed to using their platform to make a positive impact in their community.

The upcoming tournament is particularly meaningful for the Ebony Anglers, as one of their teammates is a recent breast cancer survivor. Childhood cancer in particular is a devastating disease that affects millions of families worldwide, and the Ebony Anglers are proud to be part of the effort to find a cure.

"We are thrilled to be participating in this tournament for such an important cause," said Gia Peebles, captain of the Ebony Anglers. "We know how difficult it can be for families who are dealing with childhood cancer, and we want to do our part to make a difference."

The Ebony Anglers are excited to be part of a community of anglers who share their passion for the sport and their commitment to making a difference. They hope that their participation in this tournament will inspire other women of color to get involved in the sport fishing industry and to use their platform to make a positive impact.

The tournament promises to be a fun and exciting event, with plenty of opportunities to learn from experienced fishermen and women. The Ebony Anglers are looking forward to meeting and competing against other anglers, and hope to make a strong showing in support of childhood cancer.

Join the Ebony Anglers in their mission to support childhood cancer research by donating at this URL: Your donations will go towards the entry fee for the tournament, and those proceeds will directly contribute to the tournament's cause. Learn more about the tournament at

For more information on and events featuring the Ebony Anglers, visit and @ebonyanglers on Instagram and Facebook. ###

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