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Mission Driven Marketer |  Procurement Specialist | Team Leader | Competitive Angler

Bobbiette Glover combines her sharp business acumen with a passion for the outdoors. As a Procurement Specialist, she brings strategic thinking and a results-driven approach to her work. But her true heart belongs on the water – she's a dedicated team leader for the Ebony Anglers Foundation® and a fierce competitor with the Ebony Anglers® fishing team.

With the Ebony Anglers Foundation, Bobbiette channels her love for fishing to create transformative experiences for underrepresented youth. She's a driving force behind "Black Girls Fish and Black Boys Boat" – a program empowering young people through fishing, environmental education, and mentorship.

Bobbiette didn't let a funny thing like seasickness deter her from pursuing her passion. With determination, a little medication, and the support of her team, she's become a skilled angler despite the odds. She brings this same perseverance and "can-do" spirit to her work with the foundation, inspiring the next generation to dream big and overcome challenges with confidence.

Off the clock, you'll find Bobbiette spending time with her husband, Jamon, their 5 children and 2 grandchildren. She loves exploring North Carolina's waterways, casting her line for her favorite freshwater and saltwater species.

Bobbiette's Passion Projects:

  • Empowering youth through fishing and outdoor experiences

  • Building leadership skills and fostering self-confidence in young people

  • Promoting conservation, environmental education, and a love for marine biology

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