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Graphic Media Artist, Creative Director and CEO of Socialotus Media Group and Baroque Fashion Media, Bobbiette “The Brand” Palmer, began her marketing firm, SMG in 2010 and her clients extend domestically and internationally. Bobbiette passionately believes in creator collaboration for the elevation of each other's platforms, unique skills and crafts. 


As a self-starter and entrepreneur, she strives to demonstrate the value of quality marketing and media services and derives delight working and collaborating with other artists and creative professionals in the fashion, arts, entertainment, as well as non-profit, government and commercial industries. Her latest endeavor Brand or Die is a series of classes that teach aspiring entrepreneurs and veteran business owners looking to refresh their image and audience how to create, organize, implement and launch their brand in as little as 30 days.


Past Ventures Include:


Socialotus Media Group (2010 - 2020) 

A branding agency specializing in social media, digital marketing and event coverage.​ We help small businesses, entrepreneurs and local governments and nonprofits claim a strong presence in their respective markets and across the web. Our mission is to provide top quality AFFORDABLE services to small business, non-profits, corporations and individuals while maintaining the highest standards in customer service and portability. 


Socialotus Media Group is the parent company of Baroque Fashion Media.   


Baroque Fashion Media (2013 - 2018): 

A fashion marketing and media group that represents an intimate network of creative professionals in the fashion and entertainment and art industries domestically (U.S.A.) and internationally. BFM is based in Durham, NC and serves artists and creative professionals in North Carolina, New York and international markets. 


Baroque Fashion Media helped to facilitate healthy collaboration among artists and creative professionals and provided high quality media and marketing services to those creative professionals, thereby attracting quality clientele for membership. 


Bobbiette has been in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 13 years. During the span of her career, she has worked to foster healthy collaborations between artists in fashion entertainment and art, and her passion for fashion and penchant for creative and dynamic branding has led her to work with some of the world’s top industry talent.


Beauty and fashion are important to her because they are universal vehicles that have afforded her the opportunity to pursue her dream of traveling often and abroad, to places like New York, attending and covering fashion week, to Miami to attend and co-produce an event for Art Basel, to Las Vegas and soon to Sweden where she produced and directed of an internet reality series featuring celebrity designer, Stevie Boi. She also traveled to Europe to walk for Stevie Boi during Paris Fashion Week and produced a new clothing line presentation for him, for Paris Fashion Week.


At only 5 foot 4 inches, Bobbiette has faced many challenges and obstacles. As a freelance model and entrepreneur, beginning her career in Iowa, Bobbiette is no stranger to turning challenges into opportunities. Bobbiette used her unique looks and discovered partnerships in a low volume market which propelled her career early and thus began her love of collaboration with fellow creative professionals. It is to this end, that Bobbiette has built the principals of her company, Baroque Fashion Media, upon.


Some of the people that Bobbiette has worked with include, six-time Grammy-nominated jazz singer, Nnenna Freelon, celebrity fashion designer, Stevie Boi, celebrity fashion designer, Lizzie London, Hip Hop Icon, Big Daddy Kane, Singer and Songwriter, Yahzarah, celebrity photographers Steven Paul Whitsitt, Chris Charles, Antonio Martez to name a few.


By creating safe and healthy spaces for artist collaboration, she continues to blaze a safe trail for those creatives and self-propelled freelance artists into the industries of fashion, entertainment, and art.

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