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tiana Davis

New York native Tiana Davis, is a woman of many talents. She is a proverbial Jack of All Trades and master of some! Tiana graduated from Hampton University in 1997, where she earned a B.S in Pre-Medical Biology. In 2004 she exchanged her career in the medical field to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship. 


She and her husband, Bruce Davis, opened their first restaurant in Long Island, New York, while simultaneously welcoming the first of their five children. Soon after they relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina where they ran a successful publishing company for a decade before returning to their roots as restaurateurs and caterers. 

Finding balance in business, home and self remains one of her greatest talents as well as greatest challenge. The self-proclaimed foodie is currently the curator at On Board Char where her love of artistry and food collide. In addition to wife, mother and businesswoman she now adds professional angler to her resume. 

Tiana is often heard saying “what I lack in skill, I make up for in competitiveness”, she is however, no novice to fishing. It is a skill she began developing long ago, but she admittedly still has much to learn. As she embarks on the journey of professional angling she welcomes this next challenge with a competitive spirit and a ready rod.

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