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Our Very First Fishing Youth Camp!

The Ebony Anglers Inaugural Fishing Youth Camp was held Sunday, September 22, 2021, at Falls Lake in Durham, NC. It was a day both the anglers and campers will never forget.

This was the first day of a two-part camp and heavily focused on an introduction to fishing. The day began with a warm welcome to our shelter. Our campers arrived to find the lakeside shelter converted to “Ebony Angler Landing”. The children were met with balloons, breakfast, and the eager, smiling faces of our volunteers and anglers. Our opening ceremonies began with a greeting from Angler Lesleigh Mausi. She introduced the other anglers and set the tone for what would be a day full of fishing and fun!

Next were our stations. As campers rotated to different stations they learned the fundamentals of fishing. We covered the basic knowledge of rod and reel, the importance of a good fishing knot, that there are many different types of bait. The campers laughed as Angler Glenda taught that “Lures” attract and demonstrated that “Jigs” dance. And just when they thought they knew it all...”not so fast, let’s learn how to cast.”

Once each small group had rotated to each station we broke for lunch. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their lunch boxes filled to the brim, kindly donated by one of our sponsors Jersey Mike’s of Creedmoor Rd. With full bellies, we headed over to the designated fishing areas to spend the rest of our afternoon doing what we love most.

There were gasps and laughs and shouts of “I got something” ringing through the air. It wasn’t long before our camper caught his very first fish, a beautiful Bluegill. The kids gathered around in awe at the first catch of the day. With some assistance, the camper gently unhooked his catch and released it back into the lake. The afternoon was filled with snagged lines and stolen bait and a passing rain shower. That day, many of the kids experienced their very own version of the anecdote, “the one that got away”.

As the day concluded, we gathered under the balloon archway at Ebony Angler Landing to take one last photo to mark the day. The campers were exhausted in the very best way, covered in muck and proud of it. As parents arrived to pick up their children, campers waived and said their goodbyes, exclaiming they couldn’t wait until next time. Neither can we!

Special Thanks to Our Awesome Sponsors

Columbia PFG

Bass Pro Shops

BBB Boat Rentals


Michael D. Garrett Foundation LLC

Jersey Mike's | Raleigh Store #3008

Osborne Chiropractic Clinic

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Great job ladies. As president of the Plum Island Surfcasters in MA I always get excited when our junior members spend time out on the water catching fish. Keep up the great work.


Georgette Y. E. Henrich

President, Plum Island Surfcasters sm, Inc.

Founded 1957

"Plum Island Surfcasters will strive to be a highly respected leader in sportfishing, committed to developing best practices in good sportsmanship, education, techniques and conservation for future generations"

Want to be a part of something bigger? Come join us:


LaSonya Moore
LaSonya Moore
Oct 14, 2021

Congratulations! A much needed event for a truly deserving population.

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