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New York Times features Ebony Anglers!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

If you happen to be out and about pick up your copy of The New York Times today to see The Ebony Anglers featured on the front page of the sports section!

Last weekend, Ebony Anglers competed in their second tournament where they caught seven King Mackerel, the heaviest, affectionately named “Fatty” weighing in at 29lbs!

New York Times‘ photo journalist, Pete Kiehart, joined them on the chartered boat to capture the team in photos and the Times also sent journalist Jonathan Abrams to write the Sport Section cover story (on page A33).

For More on the day:

For now you can watch the video footage of each teammate reeling in a massive King Mackerel on Instagram and IGTV. We will post more photos on this amazing day soon!

Thank You!

Ebony Anglers thanks the amazing New York Times staff, Pete Kiehart and Jonathan Abrams for the thoughtful and provocative story!

A warm thank you also to Steven Paul Whitsitt for the story recommendation!

Special thanks to the knowledgeable Captain David Stone of Nakota Charters for helping to make the day possible!


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