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PRESS RELEASE: Local Entrepreneur Starts All Black, Female Competitive

For Immediate Release

July 9, 2020

The Ebony Anglers are a competitive women’s fishing team established in the Triangle area.  They are five professional Black women who embrace the sport of competitive fishing while balancing family, motherhood, and business. Their mission is:

  • To impact the sport of competitive women’s fishing through the diversity and inclusion of female anglers of color.

  • To create/build an elevated lifestyle brand anchored in nautical sportsmanship and fine outdoor living.To model the strength, balance and resilience of Black women through the sport of  competitive fishing, boating and elevated outdoor living.

  • To establish a legacy of leadership, sportsmanship and excellence for youth through education and mentoring.

The team’s inception was the idea of Durham salon owner and proprietor Gia Peebles (@giachevelle), when she and her husband witnessed the annual Big Rock Fishing Tournament in Beaufort, NC this past June.  “When I saw women of all ages coming from their fishing boats with fish and winning prizes, I noticed that there were no women of color competing.  I said to myself, “We can do this. I already know accomplished women who are leaders and know how to win in other aspects of their lives. We can do this.”  The women she had in mind were Lesleigh Mausi (@lesleighmausi), Glenda Turner (@perfectlypolishedbyglenda), Bobbiette Palmer (@bobbiette) and Tiana Davis (@tianas_story), all of them business owners from the Triangle area.  Each woman accepted the call, and the Ebony Anglers was born. 

The team will compete in their first professional tournament, the Carteret Community College Foundation Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Tournament, on July 17-18, 2020 in Morehead City, NC.  The anglers will then move on to compete in qualifying events throughout 2021, leading up to their ultimate goal: to compete in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament in June 2021.

In addition to embracing the sport, the Ebony Anglers honor a deep commitment to youth and cultural engagement through their annual mentoring and leadership programs.  Black Girls Fish (#BlackGirlsFish) (BGF) and Black Boys Boat (#BlackBoysBoat) (BBB) are 2 educational initiatives of Ebony Anglers whose missions are: 

  • To share with (and develop in) youth an appreciation and agility for fishing (and boating) as an outdoor sporting lifestyle. 

  • To educate youth in the fundamentals of fishing (and boating), both as a sport and as a lifestyle.  

  • To empower youth with life skills that promote self-sufficiency, physical and intellectual fortitude and sound leadership values.

For more information on and events featuring the Ebony Anglers, visit and @ebonyanglers on Instagram and Facebook.


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