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Ebony Anglers Go To Big Rock!

Join us this weekend as we compete in the tournament that inspired the formation of our competitive fishing team!

(Pictured in order: Lesleigh Mausi, Glenda Turner, Gia Peebles, Tiana Davis, and Bobbiette)

One year ago this month, our Captain Gia Peebles, saw the phenomenon of hundreds of ladies getting off boats with fish at the annual KWLA ladies tournament at Big Rock in Morehead City and 3 weeks later the Ebony Anglers was born!

This weekend, we have returned to the very same tournament in our full circle moment and we couldn’t be more excited!!

We started the weekend with an EPIC Captain’s Dinner for the KWLA Big Rock Tournament and we excited to show up as the survivors of Gilligan’s Island 2021! With hundreds of participants in attendance we saw some amazing costumes and got to meet some wonderful new friends including our wonderful sponsor, Linda Rike of Linda Rike Real Estate!

Two lovely ladies posing with Bobbiette from ”Breastfast at Tiffany’s” the Best Dressed Contest Winners for the 2021 contest benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness! Great job, Ladies!

We had a BLAST yesterday at the kickoff! Wish us luck tomorrow during our fishing day on Sunday! Tight Lines ladies!

See you at weigh ins!!! 😉🎣

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