To establish a legacy of leadership, sportsmanship and excellence for youth through education and mentoring.



To share with and develop in young girls and boys an appreciation and agility for fishing and boating as an outdoor sporting lifestyle

To educate youth in the fundamentals of fishing and boating, both as a sport and as a lifestyle.

To empower youth with life skills that promote self-sufficiency, physical and intellectual fortitude and sound leadership values.



Our programs include:

  • Seminars on Fishing FUNdamentals

  • Seminars on Leadership

  • Small-group Day on the Water

  • Virtual lessons/activities related to fishing and boating.

  • Annual fishing/boating event for youth



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  • Through our journey and participation in the sport of competitive fishing, we MODEL the strength, tenacity and determination it takes to blaze new trails and successfully accomplish goals outside of the norm.

  • Through our exposure in media outlets and speaking engagements, we SHARE our journey as athletes, our passion for the sport and the steps to create inclusion where it is needed.

  • Through our youth initiatives we TEACH youth the fundamentals of fishing and boating, encourage the development of survival skills and expose them to career paths in the outdoor space.

  • Through hands-on engagement with Ebony Anglers™ , youth and women have an opportunity to authentically  APPLY  these lessons to everyday life, developing confidence in themselves and in learning something new.

  • Through our example and efforts, we encourage new generations of youth and women to LEAD in life and in their communities.